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A Brighter Way Documentary

Floating Along


The Mission Statement: Cristina Powell brings joy, hope, courage and inspiration to patients, and their families who are facing difficult challenges, serious illness and pain. Because Cristina has journeyed through the difficulties of Cerebral Palsy, she is especially able to listen to, and then embrace, those who are suffering - with love, sensitivity and a knowing compassion. Through sharing her story, she helps others to find comfort in sharing their own. In return she lightens their hearts, enriches their lives and gives them strength to meet their own difficulties.
Proud to Be Me


Great News! See ABW in new book Legendary Locals of Brookline, p. 116. Your contribution is significant, no matter the size...and 100% of donations will go to A Brighter Way. A Brighter Way is a program under the 501(c)3 nonprofit umbrella of the U.S. Pain Foundation.

Please donate! Your donation and helping hand really make a difference for patients, families and the medical community! CLICK HERE to download a donation form.
Cristina Powell