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Artist Statement

I’m Cristina Powell. In 1988, when I was four days old, I was adopted from Lima, Peru. At fifteen months, I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a movement disorder... not expected to walk or talk... thankfully, I do both!

I first started painting in sixth grade... my art teacher discovered my talent and made it come alive. When I look at each painting, I can’t believe it’s my very own artwork! I’m impressed to see how much I can do, including making others happy, like my friends at the retirement homes. I also like to write verses for my cards and special words to comfort people.

I like to reach out to people, especially in hospitals and the medical community, with my main focus on cancer, heart disease and pain. I do this through my art, a kind hello and a gentle smile with patients, their families/friends, and staff. This makes me feel good and it gives them hope and inspiration.  I’m very thankful and proud of what I can do.

Please don’t tell yourself, “I can’t!” I just know there has to be a better way for you. All you need to do is trust yourself and believe in yourself. You may not know it, but it’s leading you to…a brighter way.

I needed to learn in a special way, because I didn’t fit the other way of learning, so… I needed to find my own… brighter way. We finally got creative… believed in ourselves… and opened my own school. This allowed me… to be myself… to learn my way… and helped me grow into a better person. My talents became more alive through home schooling.

Just to let you know… this is my painting, called… “A Brighter Way.” When I painted this in my art class… it took the teacher by surprise… and me, too! She said, “You have talent!” Can you believe… I now have forty paintings?… I can’t!!!

I compare my life to a flower… blossoming and blooming… bright and cheerful… with lots of color, like my painting… “A Brighter Way.” My mom and I like to say… our lives are like a garden… always changing and challenging, but full of color, love, and happiness.

When you read this story, I hope you can see and feel… my brighter way.

A Brighter Way

“A Brighter Way”

Don’t forget: We are all unique, but we are the same. I walk slower and I may talk slower, but I am really just like you.

- Cristina Powell

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Short Stories - Press + Other Articles

“Young Artist Spreads Cheer”
When you are in the presence of Cristina Powell, it is impossible to be anything but happy. Case in point: the knot of frustration in the pit of my stomach that melted away when I met her in the lobby of Children's Hospital in Boston last week.

I was initially attracted to a display of paintings, or I should say more accurately, a burst of color that woke up my senses as if I had just stepped into a garden in spring bloom. Never mind that it was a cold, dank November afternoon, I was suddenly warm and overcome with a delightful feeling of peace stirred by this beautiful artwork...

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Cristina Enters “The ‘Sweet’ Hearts”
in the “Art from the Heart” Silent Auction

When Cristina heard about Art from the Heart, she enthusias- tically painted “The ‘Sweet’ Hearts” (blue) with the objective of entering it in the Art from the Heart Silent Auction. This painting was not only accepted for the auction, but with the comment that the painting and its accompanying story were perfect for the cause... Karen shared her thoughts about the painting:

I love this painting. When I first saw it at ‘Art from the Heart’ it grabbed my attention—literally. It was as though it leaped forward from the wall with a joy and radiance and aliveness that were irresistible. After purchasing it and placing it in my office, I found out that Cristina was the artist who created it. This has made it even more special...

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A Note About Print Quality

All cards are individually printed using fine art methods and acid-free media, resulting in images that are as close as possible to the brilliant colors of the original paintings.

Each print is created using Giclée printing method for fine art of the highest quality, using archival inks and acid-free media, which will last 75 -100 years.